how to eat boxed macaroni & cheese

Our rising 3rd grader is a longtime big fan of boxed macaroni and cheese. (He does also love actual food.) And hey, it’s a good emergency food: oh, crap, we’re supposed to eat in fifteen minutes and we have no lunch plan, anybody want macaroni?

But I can’t face a big bowl of plain boxed macaroni and cheese and call it a meal. (For me, I mean. The children seem fine with it.)

If I’m feeling ambitious and we have the necessary objects around, I make a veggie burger and eat the mac & cheese as a side. Or I have a salad. But you should also try this:

In a small pan, sauté some sliced garlic and a chopped spicy pepper or two (we always have some whole ones in the freezer from the farmers’ market and maybe you should too). Stir in a couple big handfuls of frozen corn. Serve over your mac & cheese. Mmm spicy mac & cheese goodness.

Just wanted to share? Happy lunching.

4 thoughts on “how to eat boxed macaroni & cheese”

  1. I boil frozen broccoli or green peas with the pasta. Almost cancels out the orange powder “cheese”. Almost.

    1. Green beans are good in it, too! But Noah is happy to eat such veg *next to* his mac & cheese, never *in* it … so it must be cooked separately. Eyeroll.

  2. Ha! We enjoy boxed mac & cheese as an “easy meal” option and don’t even have an eight-year-old to blame it on :)

    Happily, Trader Joe’s makes a gluten-free version with rice pasta, as does the ever-reliable (though more expensive) Annie’s. We like to add: dill, tempeh bacon, sauteed onions, leeks, tofu pups, broccoli (as someone already suggested). Haven’t tried corn but we’ll have to try it! this winter, tempeh “fakin’ bacon” and minced onions or leeks was my favorite combo.

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