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from Asha French at MUTHA Magazine, “Things You Can Do To Support Parents In Your Community” Ask for stuff. Though seemingly pulled from various angles, parents are people with resources too. One of the struggles of a parent with non-parent friends is feeling like a leech on the sucking end of a parasitic relationship. The […]

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homeschooling plans, spring of second grade

I haven’t posted about our homeschooling life in forever! Short version: He’s learning, and stuff. And happy. And curious as all get-out. Longer version: After our ‘summer vacation’ of pure unadulterated unschooling* (meaning, he puttered around and read and made stuff and had a lot of childcare hours while I worked more than full time […]

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13 Books for Feminist Mothers (me, writing elsewhere)

At MUTHA Magazine, I’m recommending books all over the place. It’s like I want to be a librarian or something. Check it out, and let me know what titles you’d add!

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parenting poems

[A friend recently asked if I know any nice pregnancy or birth poems, for use as part of a baby shower. After offering some ideas, I remembered that I used to post links to these sorts of poems at my old blog but never moved any of those poems or links to this space. I'm […]

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packing, cleaning, planning: spring move!

Posting has been a bit slow here, I know, and I’ve also failed to keep my dear readers up to date on some Big Life Goodness. As I always keep you up to date on the Big Life Badness and General Complaints Lodged against the Universe (see: pregnancy nausea), I should probably go ahead and […]

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