“God’s little princess,” incompetent PR folks, and everything that’s wrong with the world

Behold, an email I received today:

"Renowned Bible teacher and encouraging Women of Faith speaker Sheila Walsh has created an inspiring collection of over 100 daily devotions perfect for a princess's bedtime!"It’s perfect for tarting the year off right! There are ridiculous typos and EVERYTHING!

Interestingly, I actually started a post entitled “God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible” earlier this week. I had happened across its scary, sparkly, pink, tiara-featuring cover while browsing in Barnes and Noble on Monday. (Actually, Simon had happened across it and grabbed it from the shelf–it is eye-catching. And then I blurted out “Oh God! Simon! Please let’s go away from the creepy books!” This was shortly before a Salvation Army bell-ringer nearly got assaulted [um, by me] when she looked calculatingly at my little family and started belting out “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” Dudes, if there really is a War on Christmas, I think we need to step it up.)

So far, that post draft simply read “I shit you not: this exists,” which pretty much covers the matter. I should add that, when I opened the book at random, I was faced with the story of Sarah and a cartoonish pink illustration of a modern baby bottle. Yes, I’m totally sure the Old Testament babies all drank Enfamil from plastic bottles. And it’s great to encourage God’s little princesses to be mommies, because I’m sure it will not occur to their fluffy little pink brains otherwise! Barf gag.

But then, somehow, the media databases searches my buddy Katie did indicated that I would just LOVE a copy of this book to “share with my friends,” review positively, and give away. Nothing says secular feminist parenting quite like a gender-essentialist evangelical Christian children’s book, am I right?

Do you know what bible I have on my table right now, so Noah and I can read the Christmas story again? The HarperCollins Study Bible. I prefer the New Oxford Annotated Bible, actually, but our library’s copy mysteriously disappeared from circulation. Neither appears to be for boys or for girls, which I guess is pretty confusing, but we’ll make do somehow.

Happy holidays, peeps. I’m off to slog through the rest of my depressingly huge end-of-semester grading task. Hope to finish tomorrow!

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  1. Posted 19 December 2013 at 4:44 PM | Permalink

    This post is the best thing ever.

    Hope the new year is a refreshing start for you.

  2. Lara
    Posted 20 December 2013 at 7:34 AM | Permalink

    That’s neat, that you’re going to the original to tell the Christmas story. My kids could do that now, but when they were littler, I really loved the book, The Very First Christmas, illustrated by Elena Temporin. Unlike some other little-kid versions, it does not annoyingly re-write the story so that Mary gets married before she gets pregnant. (I’m not kidding — we got some as gifts!) It doesn’t try to tell every detail, but it is true to the original, and the illustrations are gorgeous, and not in that creche-come-to-life way.

  3. Molly
    Posted 20 December 2013 at 10:42 AM | Permalink

    Somehow, “tarting” seems appropriate…….
    I may have just not been paying attention but it seems the gender-essentialist issue has gotten worse since I was a kid. Maybe it’s because we grew up with “Free to Be”, but even “girl” toys weren’t quite so PINK when I was younger.
    Another great post!
    Happy Holidays!

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