hopes and dreams for 2013

What do you hope for your life and for your family in the next year?

My dreams feel pretty simple right now. For us, I wish for an income, for something approaching financial security rather than financial ruin. I hope to continue doing good work on my book project, because the world needs a feminist book for parents and because I love working on it. And I hope really hard, as always, that my little family will continue enjoying health, safety, and many pleasures together.

Now tell me yours.

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  1. Posted 31 December 2012 at 1:58 PM | Permalink

    I definitely hope for those things for your family too, Molly!

    I’m not sure what my hopes/dreams are for 2013. I want to keep reading and writing. I want to see a way for our little family to start saving (for travel, for a home) and not fret over monthly bill-paying the way we have been since grad school. I hope for Hanna’s positions at work to be extended beyond next August, maybe with more security of continuation than has been the case in the past three years. I want us to find a way to have our evenings and weekends feel more restful than they have been, and for Hanna to feel less anxious and hyper-vigilant about everyone and everything in our lives. I hope to keep strengthening friendships and feeling more at home in the Northeast than I have so far.

  2. Erin
    Posted 1 January 2013 at 7:29 PM | Permalink

    My dreams, like yours, are simple and huge. To live in the same house as my husband full time. To survive our impending move. To be able to afford a decent house. To make a wise decision about our eldest child’s schooling (public k or continue with private). To get an article published.

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