“I never diet! I’m just trying to eat healthy!”

Here’s sort of an awesome way to think about the very common insistence that a particular mode of eating is “not dieting” (an undesirable-sounding activity for many folks) but instead just a general sort of effort to eat in “healthier” ways:

if you say you are not dieting but are merely subscribing to a “healthy way to eat,” then ask yourself: Would I continue to adhere to my dietary restrictions if I knew they would make me both healthier and 50 pounds fatter?

Hmm, indeed.

[I'm reading the summer 2013 Bitch magazine at the moment, and this quotation is from Anna Mollow's article "Sized Up: Why Fat Is a Queer and Feminist Issue" ... which is also available online.]

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    Interesting! I just read a good article about “orthorexia.” I recognized people I know in it…


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