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You should totally watch this time-lapse video of a balloon festival at The Kid Should See This. It’s beautiful.

Also check out these photographs of 1-day postpartum mothers with their babies. There’s something touching and also obviously refreshing about seeing real actual recently-pregnant bellies in this matter-of-fact, not-the-focus-of-the-project, aesthetically pleasing way. I wish everybody who ever has a baby could see what early-weeks post-pregnancy bodies look like, before they see their own and wonder if it’s okay that they still look pregnant. (Um, yes, it’s okay.)

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  1. A'Llyn
    Posted 22 November 2013 at 8:49 PM | Permalink

    Now I kind of wish I’d taken a picture of my just-postpartum belly. It totally didn’t occur to me at the time, and now…I really don’t even remember what it looked like.

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