links for thought, November/December 2012

If you didn’t see it waaaay back at the end of November, click through to Andie Fox’s Daily Life article “Meticulous Bohemia

I might not be able to make hommus but I can churn out a batch of cynicism instantly. I never embraced the ‘earth mother’ identity because I was too busy holding on to the ‘not a mother’ identity. If there was a product that specialised in ensuring you didn’t look too motherly while doing the job of mothering then I was buying it. Such was my enthusiasm for this anti-identity that in the first year I dragged myself and my baby to an overnight bush rave, just to prove I still could. (I know a thing or two about chasing Bohemia). Camping, being designated driver, not getting any sleep, and keeping a baby quiet and happy in a rave can get very tedious, I discovered. Nothing can make you look more fondly upon surrendering to the limits of parenthood than finding yourself calming a cranky baby and a strung-out raver friend at the same time.

from Magda Pecsenye at Ask Moxie, “i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart),” a thoughtful piece on parenting and the Sandy Hook tragedy (coming from a very different perspective from mine — she never considered not telling her children about the shooting, while we never considered telling Noah)

from Amy Thompson at The Progressive Pioneer, “Learning History from Math and Picture Books” (recommending some neat-looking books)

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