links for thought, October 2012 (1 of 2)

Love this xkcd comic; I’m not going to embed it because you have to see the hover text, too.

from Laura at Navigating the Mothership, “Why I Will Lie to Young Parents

Ugh. What is this new layer of doomsday prophecy I keep getting? That not only should I enjoy every minute, but that it all just keeps getting harder and harder and culminates in…? What exactly? It’s unclear, but whatever it is, the message that it’s all downhill from here is what I keep hearing these days.

from Avital at The Mamafesto, “Let’s Talk

We’ve had numerous conversations since that first one, oh-so-many years ago, and I’ve done my best to answer questions like why his penis sometimes gets “so hard I can shut my bedroom door with it!” mostly with a straight face. I’m glad that he feels secure coming to me with these questions, and truthfully, I hope he always feels that comfortable.

from Magda at Ask Moxie, “Stories of Getting Back to Having Sex Post-Baby” (her story is funny, lots of the ones in the comments make me sad, but the whole conversation is interesting!)

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