next week in homeschooling

but first, I forgot to post about what we’re doing this week!: raptors (general topic); Sudan (place of the week); also Hanukkah.

okay, so, next week: more on raptors (general topic); Massachusetts (place of the week).

What is this post?

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  1. Posted 27 November 2012 at 9:46 PM | Permalink

    A couple of books:
    About Raptors by Cathryn Sill -Simple and straightforward with realistic illustrations
    Falcon by Tim Jessel – a little boy imagines he is flying like a falcon

  2. Roche
    Posted 28 November 2012 at 8:46 PM | Permalink

    Yay, Massachusetts, my home state! I live in Northampton, home of Smith College of course. We have just elected our first woman Senator, were the first state to legalize gay marriage (though people often forget it), and the Commonwealth has a rich and fascinating labor history. Connecting this to your most recent post, I’d recommend Emily Arnold McCully’s The Bobbin Girl about the girls and young women who slaved in Lowell’s factories and how some of them stood up for change. Actually, McCully’s The Nun’s Kung Fu is a book I’ve read to my daughter a dozen times at least. It’s amazing and feministy!

    • Molly
      Posted 29 November 2012 at 8:02 PM | Permalink

      I’d never heard of McCully–I’m excited to check out her work! Thanks.

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