a different sort of counting to three (a word game, not, you know, a disciplinary measure)

As a postscript to the word game post, I offer:

“One, Two, Three”

Okay, so, each partner thinks of a noun. (You might want to agree ahead of time whether proper nouns count, and whether fictional things/people/places are fair game.)

Count “one, two, three” together and then say the words simultaneously.

Start frantically searching for a connection between the two words (a noun or adjective): some word that somehow relates the two initial words. Whichever of you thinks of a connection first, say “one”; when the other thinks of a connection, say “two”; then say “three” together and say your connecting words simultaneously.

Repeat the process with connections between those two words, and keep repeating until you blurt out the same word together. You win! Yay!

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