queer parents; women dissatisfied with our bodies; just a couple good links

Brain, Child, magazine recently posted an old (2010) piece at its blog, and it’s a good read on empathy and parenting and gender: Paige Schilt’s “Our Social Experiment.”

And from the Department of Not Exactly Shocking News, women over fifty aren’t exactly psyched about their body size. As Rachel Walden puts it at Our Bodies Our Blog:

[A] new study published in the Journal of Women and Aging illustrates how few of us are happy with how our bodies look, even as we get older: Only 12 percent of [the study's 1789 subjects, all women 50 and over] reported being satisfied with their body size. [...]

In discussing their findings, the authors point out that women who are generally satisfied “appear to exert considerable effort to achieve and maintain this satisfaction, and they are not impervious to experiencing dissatisfaction with other aspects of their appearance, particularly those aspects affected by aging.” [...]

And while the majority (88 percent) of women who were satisfied were considered ‘normal’ weight, 40.6 percent said they would be moderately or extremely upset if they gained just 5 pounds.

Five pounds!

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    I no longer remember the source, but many years ago I recall a study in which one of the findings was that women across age ranges name their ideal weight fairly consistently as at least 10lbs less than their current weight regardless of how much they weighed.

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