questions for you: finding allies as feminist parents

As regular readers know, I’m working on a feminist book about parenting. Will you help me write a better, more inclusive project by answering some questions?

This week’s topic: finding allies:

  • How have you found allies–people who can help you, hear you, ‘get’ you, support you (whether or not they’re also parents and/or feminists themselves)–for your parenting experience/journey? Who are these people, for you?
  • Why do you need them? Or, how does their presence in your life help you & yours? Or, how do you lean on them?
  • Do you lack allies? If so, what has that experience been like for you? What might help?

The details:

  • By commenting on this post, you are giving me permission to quote what you say here in my book. Please indicate the age(s) of your child or children, as well as whether you’d like to be identified by full name, first name only, or a pseudonym of your choice if I end up using your words.
  • Feel free to email your responses instead of commenting here, if you prefer: molly at firsttheegg dot com.
  • Please
    answer any question (or questions) that strikes your fancy, in any way,
    at any length. Anything relevant to these topics is welcome, even if
    what you have to say is not really related to the questions. I’m so grateful for any thoughts you offer!

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  1. A'Llyn
    Posted 26 March 2013 at 1:20 PM | Permalink

    My feminist parenting allies so far are mostly online. Blogs, like–oh, hey, yours! I haven’t been a parent long enough to have formed much of an offline community around that part of my identity.

    I have friends who are parents, and we obviously chat about kids and stuff, but I’m honestly not sure to what extent any of them identify as feminists. Gender roles and the like do come up sometimes, which is good for discussion, but it’s not an established part of our relationships that we will be approaching these issues from similar perspectives.

    My mom and my sisters are supportive, and my husband is in it with me, so I’m not without backup, but mostly if I want to know how others have managed things, I try to find it online. You just feel your way along as best you can, seems like.

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