recommended picture books, spring of first grade edition

It’s a Butterfly’s Life: We read many, many butterfly books and didn’t find The Perfect One. But this one’s very pretty indeed–and shouldn’t a book about butterflies be gorgeous?

The Milkman’s Boy: Eric read this one, so I don’t have a lot to say about it. But Eric’s super-picky about historical fiction for children (as his knowledge there is deep and so much of it is truly dreadful, both factually and ideologically) … and he and Noah enjoyed reading and talking about this one together.

Squirrel and John Muir: A great story about a wild little girl, a naturalist-to-be, Yosemite, and direct observation of the natural world.

Si, Se Pueda: Janitor Strike in LA: Another one I didn’t actually read, because Eric was doing school at the time. It includes people who generally don’t exist in Picture-Book Land, breaking barriers of class and ethnicity, and it’s a good prompt for continuing conversations about social justice and activism.

Breaking into Print: Before and After the Invention of the Printing Press: We recently studied the history of the book, a huge treat for three book nerds. This particular book avoids the “Gutenberg as lone genius inventing movable type, a 100% new thing in the world!” narrative and includes loads of interesting information about how ideas have been–and are now–communicated.

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