Although I do miss my various families and friends, I am very glad indeed that we didn’t travel anywhere this year for Thanksgiving. I have Thursday and Friday off work. Eric had yesterday plus an early close this afternoon. This semester has been grueling, and a couple days at home when we’re not trying to do anything in particular are feeling really good.

We ate some food, including the only traditional Thanksgiving food I really care about, the broccoli casserole I used to make with my grandmother every year at her house. (I started out crushing the crackers, which Noah does for me now.) We drank some beer and cava. We watched Libeled Lady, a 1936 William Powell and Myrna Loy film we hadn’t seen yet. We packaged various unwanted items to be returned, items that had been sitting around stressing me out for quite some time. We puttered. Things were rearranged and cleaned.

So, in the spirit of a lazy Thanksgiving, here’s a non-exhaustive, slapped-together list. I’m thankful for:

  • our excellent public library system, which gives us free and easy access to loads of old movies and foreign movies in addition to its many many books
  • my two healthy, strange, gorgeous children
  • my easy, stable, cozy marriage
  • co-parenting with a man who, in the midst of a card-based storytelling game with Noah and me yesterday, announced “This is a bit of a sausage-fest!,” introduced two female characters, and then casually established a romance between them (I am also amused that working in the corporate world is constantly pushing him to more vocal feminist annoyance)
  • the 13+ years I’ve gotten to spend with the best dog in the world, who is now terminally ill but actually hanging in there pretty darned well
  • breastfeeding
  • coffee
  • the fact that Simon slept until 7:30 this morning
  • being finished with having babies
  • getting to choose when I’m finished having babies
  • my grandma, who reads this blog faithfully and uses email and is just about as awesome as a person can get (and who hurt her shoulder the day after Thanksgiving–I have to admit I’m not so grateful about that, though I am thankful my excellent aunt and uncle are available to help her out while she heals)
  • financial stability
  • novels
  • the impending end of this terrible semester!!! two more weeks of classes and then grading, people. Glee.

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