we love Keva planks

Keva planks are among the best toys ever.

We hesitated to buy them because they’re expensive and we weren’t sure whether Noah would play with them much, but we went for a 100-piece as a birthday gift this summer and are planning to get an additional 100- or 200-piece set soon because he keeps running out of planks for his gigantic projects. They’re very, very simple: just a box of identical¬†1/4 inch x 3/4 inch x 4 1/2 inch unfinished maple blocks. They stack very easily. So you can do all sorts of things with them, like spend hours reproducing the grain elevator that used to move grain to and from barges and trains on our riverfront:

grain elevator and barge made from wooden planks

Or build botanical gardens with trees and streams:

botanical gardens scene made of wooden planks

Or build a picture of yourself:

two-dimensional person made of wooden planks

Or a tower that’s taller than you:

tall tower made of wooden planks

Or eagles and their nests, houses, a sculpture garden, etc., etc., etc.

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